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The Firm

Will Kelbaugh defends people accused of crimes throughout Metro Atlanta.  

Will Kelbaugh felt a calling to the law after spending 15 years in the logistics industry.  Mr. Kelbaugh attended Georgia State University College of Law, where he excelled, graduating Magna Cum Laude. 


During law school, Mr. Kelbaugh saw the severe consequences that accompany even being charged with a crime, much less being convicted.  Mr. Kelbaugh immersed himself in the practice of criminal law in Georgia, interning at the Georgia Supreme Court and working for a prominent criminal defense firm.  After graduating from law school, Mr. Kelbaugh developed his knowledge of federal criminal law by serving as a Staff Attorney for the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit for two years. 

Mr. Kelbaugh found his work as a Staff Attorney challenging and fulfilling, but he wanted to help represent individuals who were facing the terrifying prospect of losing their freedom.  Driven to help those who needed help the most, Mr. Kelbaugh began working as a Public Defender.  During two and a half years with the Office of the DeKalb County Public Defender, Mr. Kelbaugh represented clients in DeKalb County Superior, State, and Magistrate courts.  He handled hundreds of cases, including serious felonies, misdemeanors, traffic citations, and county ordinance violations.  He represented clients in preliminary hearings, bond hearings, motions to suppress, bench trials, jury trials, and probation revocation hearings.  

Mr. Kelbaugh founded "The Kelbaugh Firm" to provide world-class representation to people who have been accused of crimes, by leveraging his vast experience.  Contact The Kelbaugh Firm today to learn what Mr. Kelbaugh can do for your case. 

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