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Probation Revocation and First Offender Probation

People facing probation revocation hearings are frequently at risk of serving longer in jail for the probation revocation than they served in jail for their initial conviction.  Anyone who is on probation and is accused of a new crime should speak with an attorney as soon as possible, especially people who are on First Offender probation, because violating a law while on probation is a violation of probation. 


The law in Georgia regarding probation is complex and confusing.  Even "technical violations" of probation can result in a person spending significant time in jail.  People on First Offender probation are at risk of being resentenced up to the statutory maximum, which depending on the circumstances could be years longer then their original sentence.  

Will Kelbaugh works with his clients and their families to document the ways that clients have complied with probation and to mitigate any mistakes that have been made.  Most importantly, Will Kelbaugh discusses all the possible strategies with clients so that the best possible outcome can be achieved.  If you or your loved one is accused of violating probation, or is on probation and has been accused of a new crime, call the Kelbaugh Firm to discuss your options.  

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